Patch Work offers high quality, machine-washable bow ties hand-crafted in Washington, DC. As a burgeoning company, we offer our designs, both class and contemporary, specifically in the limited edition boutique forte. We have found presenting the bows in this manner provides our customers with a legitimate sense of exclusivity.

Be it a derby in Charlestown, a scholarship gala in Georgetown, or your university’s annual benefit ball, Patch Work has the perfect bow tie to outfit in. unveiling special bows for various season, holidays, and special events; Patch Work plans to never have more than one of the same shipment, ultimately maximizing diversification of our product.

Distinguishing our company, is our strong commitment to crafting bows consistent with an avant-garde grandeur in which our customers are used to. We adamantly feel that the bow tie should be a customary component to every man’s trousseau, not solely for ceremonial events.

As we realize that wearing a bow tie is a statement, perhaps even almost an act of defiance, it’s our eagerness to match our creativity with our customer’s unique eccentricity. With firm belief in our products, we are proud to invite you to join our movement.