X.B. Underwood is a consulting firm specializing in brand development and social management. We harvest tailor-made partnerships to yield a brand truly unique in its essence. We work with clients to develop logos, capabilities statements, presentations, websites, social portfolios, signage and press kits. Our charge is to create an emotional bond between your brand and an audience by designing an engaging conversation.

We’ve blended a culture of witty writers, odd marketing professors, ethnographic researchers, wide-eyed designers, and nit-picky project managers, keeping the work done on-time and inside a budget. And, X.B. Underwood’s executives are directly involved with each client on every project.


Xavier B. Underwood

Founder & Owner

Xavier Underwood is a twenty-five year old young business entrepreneur currently serving as the Deputy Director of Advance for Dr. Benjamin Carson's Presidential campaign - Carson America. He has also held varying positions such as Management Consultant for the Graham Williams Group, Creative Director for the Howard Stirk Holdings, Chief Design Editor for The Washington Times' new online publication American CurrentSee and owner of X.B. Underwood, LLC, a private consulting firm specializing in brand development and social marketing. Xavier brings over 10 years of experience in business, marketing, and advertising having previously studied Homeland Security & Anthropology at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of The District of Columbia. Once commended for exerting an “effortless style”, Underwood is on a mission to catalytically transcend his passion for style throughout all of his business endeavors.